Mac House Calls

We come to your house or office to setup your iMac, iPhone, iPad and all other devices that are connected to them. Everything but Windows PC's! Ensuring a solid network connection to the internet via Gigabit speed ethernet wiring and WiFi coverage. Solving network problems left by the "cable guy".

Managing cloud services like iCloud, Google, Dropbox, Yahoo! etc and reorganize your emails, calendars and address book to a well organized system.


iT Handy Man

We bring order to your cable and equipment jungle. Set up printers, scanners, and other equipment, so they work seamless with Apple Computers. Resolve network problems, fix internet connection, and cover your house with WiFi.


Mac Tune-Up

Bring your Apple computer back to its maximum performance. Upgrade storage to a bigger and faster drive or boost speed with an SSD drive. Adding more memory (RAM) is always a proven method to boost the performance of an aging  Apple computer.


Personal Mac Genius

Previously worked as an Apple certified Genius now bringing that level of support to your home or office in person and/or via remote support.

NO MORE WAITING at the Apple Store. We are your "personal" Mac Genius and Trainer.